The intent of this conceptual project is to create a connection

between the High Line and the Hudson River. Such a

connection will open the way for a water navigation as part of

the High Line experience. It will allow for a new river access

to the High Line and its neighboring developments. The

connection will constitute a circular hub inside the Hudson

River. It will consist of a circular promenade, in contrast to

the linear procession of the High Line. The center of the hub

will be devoted to an art center and for a green public open

space, for gathering and relaxation. The hub will include

other facilities for dining and sport activities. It is hoped that

the essence of the proposal will enrich the visitor's

experience in this most significant site in compliance with the

nature and spirit of the High Line.


The new pier/island will be supported on deep high capacity

caissons anchored into bedrock. The caissons will terminate

above the high tide water level to facilitate the river flow,

supporting a prefabricated and cast in place concrete double

deck platform system. The super structures will be of steel

and reflected glass, mirroring the river and gardens. The

connecting bridge to the highland will be of steel and

concrete. The new complex will be erected from the water

side as well as from the land side.

The Marina will be pile supported flared wood deck.